How We Coordinate The Shipping Of Industrial Goods

How We Coordinate The Shipping Of Industrial Goods

How We Coordinate The Shipping Of Industrial Goods

Goods that are driven by consumer demand because they are used to make consumer products are classified as Industrial Goods. As we know, in today’s market, many manufacturing parts and products are made outside the United States. Therefore, global shipping is a huge focus in the industry. In order for the shipping industry to keep up with the need for better and more efficient manufacturing of consumer goods, they rely on third party logistics companies such as LA 24-7 Forwarder to coordinate with the biggest shipping companies to transport raw materials overseas.

We Rely On Economy Shipping

With international shipping the most common way to receive raw materials and machinery parts, companies must turn to container shipping companies for their logistics needs. The cargo they ship is usually in mass quantities and therefore often fills whole containers. These cargo shipping companies are often dedicated to servicing the industrial goods industry by offering economy shipping for rates that keep the investment in consumer goods low for production companies. At LA 24-7 Forwarder, we can provide insight into the container shipping process for new and mature companies.

We Focus On Cost Reduction

With the majority of industrial goods flowing into the United States being done through international shipping, the need for a global network of agents is increasingly important. LA 24-7 Forwarder maintains relationships with the biggest shipping companies through experienced and connected agents dedicated to serving clients with the utmost attention to cost reduction. While standard international shipping is most likely a company’s best bet, there are ways to reduce costs through consolidation of shipments, proper packaging and preferred rates only available to our agents.

We Have An Integrated Mindset

The most important aspect of your supply chain is how well each piece of the puzzle fits with another. The strategic mindset you get from using a 3PL like LA 24-7 Forwarder is priceless to achieving productivity, efficiency and timeliness. Coordinating production and transportation scheduling is the most difficult part of the supply chain process. There are timelines to adhere to in order to meet the consumers’ demands for products in the market. Time to market is only as good as how well your components integrate with each other. Taking the time to to take advantage of our strategies for better implementation will put more money in your pocket before you even put the product on the shelf.

Unless your mindset is strategic towards economy of scale, production and shipping, the entire supply chain process can boost market prices beyond profitability. Using LA 24-7 Forwarder to streamline it all will ensure that consumers get the products they want at the price they want.

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